Last updated on 14 Sep 2010
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HSAN's Vision and Mission and Overarching Goals


HSAN’s vision is to be a leading global network facilitating the development of equitable, accountable and sustainable health systems for improved health outcomes


HSAN is a global network of committed professionals for strengthening health systems through effective involvement of diverse stakeholders and better management of resources that is guided by evidence.

The group concluded that there is no current platform for developing country health system stakeholders to influence and provide input into the priorities and practices of global health initiatives. It was hence decided that HSAN’s key role is to be a leading global network to facilitate the development of equitable, accountable, and sustainable health systems for improved health outcomes.

Overarching Goals

HSAN’s overarching goal is to enhance access to information on what strategies work in making health systems strong and to avoid duplication of efforts that have been found to be less effective in strengthening health systems.