Last updated on 14 Sep 2010
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Global Leader Views on HSS

What do some leaders in global health have to say about the importance of Health Systems Strengthening and the potential role of HSAN?

HSAN invited Lola Dare, Anne Mills, Hernán Rosenberg, and Ronald Waldman to share views on the challenges developing countries face to increase access to critical health interventions in the context of weak and dysfunctional health systems. What follows are insights from these global experts to four questions regarding the importance of strong health systems and a role for HSAN.

Lola Dare

"It is impossible to strengthen health systems within the uncoordinated investment environment that we currently have. Country-level action alone cannot resolve this problem, we need the synergy of country and global level action."
Lola Dare, Executive Secretary, African Council of Sustainable Health Development
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"The onus should be placed on these initiatives to prove that they are supporting the health system, rather than weakening it."
Anne Mills, Professor of Health Economics and Financing at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
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Hernán Rosenberg

"Because system-oriented approaches do not have quick impacts on health indicators there is a big temptation to bypass systems to reach users quickly, rather than try to fix the system."
Hernán Rosenberg, Chief Project Support Unit, Pan American Health Organization
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Ronald Waldman

"A health systems 'impact statement' should be de rigeur for all disease-specific global initiatives, and for local ones as well."
Ronald Waldman, Deputy Director of the Center for Global Health and Economic Development at Columbia University
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