Last updated on 14 Sep 2010
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Study Abroad Studentship posted
Hi everyone,
Please check out the new posting in the collaboration center:

Free money is always good. Please let me know if you find this useful!

Posted by Andrey OstrovskyJune, 30 2010
Job Opening with Pathfinder - Boston, MA, USA
Hi All,
Check out this new job opportunity in HSS:

This may be a little too advanced for students or recent graduates, but it's worth a shot.

Please tell your colleagues and mentors about this opportunity.

Also, if you find out about other job offerings in HSS, please post them on the collaboration center.

Thanks and good luck!


Posted by Andrey OstrovskyMay, 25 2010
GHEC Conference Summary - Great networking, Not enough action

Hi Everyone,

Having spent three great days in Mexico, I have come back with a nice tan, lots of contacts, and an unsatisfied feeling of "so what now..."

I was really impressed by some of the research and volunteer work that students are doing in Central and South America. I enjoyed sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and developing relationships.

In between informal discussions with students and global health professionals, I experienced several formal talks. Some of the speakers provided useful insight, but most of the talks were descriptive rather prescriptive.

I may be biased writing as a member of the Health Systems ACTION Network, but I prefer doing more than just talking. The conference overall was a success, but I hope that the next GHEC conference will build on the updates and descriptions of global health by providing a platform for taking action.

Interesting take-away points:

- The expansion of social networking into the realm of public health may serve as a useful mechanism to mobilize stakeholders toward change.

- The intersection of seemingly disparate disciplines may provide novel and creative solutions to global health problems that are not being addressed through traditional approaches (for example, doctors should partner with economists, engineers, artists, etc to innovate).

- From a tourist's perspective, Mexico is an amazingly well developed country that shows promising signs of economic strength and strong infrastructure.

I welcome any comments or questions regarding the conference or steps moving forward. The HSAN Student Section is currently developing its plan for the coming couple of years, so please let us know how you would like to take action toward strengthening health systems and improving health globally.

Until the next conference,

Posted by Andrey OstrovskyApril, 12 2010
Trying to find health expenditure data - Can anyone help?
Hello everyone,
I am trying to find health expenditure data for developing countries and need your help.

In particular, where can I find data on consumer spending on healthcare and pharma by income brackets in a given low/medium-resource country.

For example, I'm looking for data on how much people spend on healthcare in a country like Kenya, when they earn $1-3k per year, $3-5k per year and so on. Spending could be divided by individual, household, or the income group as a whole

Thanks for any input you may have!

Posted by Andrey OstrovskyApril, 07 2010
Opportunity to shape US Foreign Policy NOW
Hi Everyone,
Please go to   NOW to contribute your opinion on key global health issues. The US White House and USAID has put together a cool, 3-day discussion forum to hear from us about what issue will be important in global health in the years to come.

Check out the site. For regular updates, follow HSANStudents on Twitter (link is at the top right corner of your screen).

All the best,
Posted by Andrey OstrovskyMarch, 31 2010
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